There are several fine locations for the accommodations. You can stay in Helsinki City, there’s a direct subway line from Helsinki to Otaniemi. Or you can stay closer to the University in Tapiola “Garden Town”, only 5 minutes subway or you can even find a hotel beside the venue.

If you wish to experience the Finnish nature you can choose a hotel a bit far from the venue, +30min taxi, but very close to Nuuksio natur park. (3DEXPO has negotiated a 20% discount for visitors, use code MESSUT18 and email

Hotel suggestions:

Radisson blue in Otaniemi

Sokos hotel in Tapiola (5min subway to Otaniemi)

Hotel Nuuksio (in northern Espoo, Exhibition discount, near Nuuksio natur park)

Hotels in Helsinki City - several, see travel search sites. (25min subway to Otaniemi)