Professor Mario Monzon - University of Las Palmas de Grand Canaria

Mario D. Monzón is a doctor in industrial engineering and full professor in mechanical engineering department of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University. Working in the academic field of manufacturing processes since 1989. In charge of the research group “Advanced and Integrated manufacturing” which main research activities are focused on polymer processing, additive manufacturing/rapid tooling (electroforming), natural fibres applied to composites and technical textiles, biomaterials for additive manufacturing and micro-manufacturing. Member of the committees ISO TC261 and CEN TC438 for standardization in additive manufacturing since 2011, representing Spain in such committees as well in joint groups ISO-ASTM. Coordinator of the PhD program in Chemical, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. Participation in 32 national and European research projects, 13 research projects under contract with industry, 55 scientific publications, 45 proceedings in international conferences, supervisor of 7 doctoral thesis, 7 national patents and 1 international.


Jan Horelli - Planmeca Oy



Puheenjohtaja Kim-Niklas Antin - ideas2cycles

Kim-Niklas holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering and is currently working towards a Ph.D. at Aalto University in Finland. His areas of expertise are materials science and manufacturing technologies. He is the founder and chairman of the board for ideas2cycles, which is an organization developing novel bicycle concepts using the latest technology. ideas2cycles has been using additive manufacturing for over six years to produce load bearing structures, namely bicycle frames and related components



Kuvanveistäjä Satu-Minna Suorajärvi

Satu-Minna Suorajärvi is doctor, sculptor and 3d designer. She has graduated as Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 2008. At the moment she is interested in combining visual arts to the field of digital technologies in order to elaborate a new artistic language generated by 3d computer softwares.



Mika Sorri - Relicomp Oy

Mika Sorri on toiminut Relicomp Oy:n myyntipäällikkönä vuodesta 2014 ja sitä ennen ohutlevyalalla vuodesta 2001. Pikavalmistusmenetelmistä painomuovaus on vakiintunut ohutlevytuotteiden proto- ja piensarjavalmistukseen suomessa ja sitä on käytetty Relicompilla vuodesta 2008 lähtien.
Relicomp on voittanut kahdesti Plootu Fennica kilpailun 2014 ja 2016 tuotteilla, joiden muotoilussa painomuovausta hyödynnettiin.



Partneri Ella Mikkola - BIRD & BIRD



Tatu Syvänen - EOS Finland

I studied at Tampere University of Technology in 1990-1996. The major was Materials Science and Metallurgy.
I started my career as M.Sc. student at Electrolux Rapid Development in 1995 to develop Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology and to write my M.Sc thesis on DMLS development. The thesis subject was “Direct Laser Sintering of Metals, Material and Process development”
My role at Electrolux Rapid Development 1996-1999 was to further develop the DMLS-technology and to implement this new additive manufacturing method for rapid tooling projects in service bureaux environment.
in 2000 EOS Finland oy was founded and our EOS Finland R&D team was established. As one of the original 5 employees of EOS Finland oy, I continued the development work for new materials and processes for EOS Metals machines. Several new alloys were developed for EOS M270 and M280 systems and I worked as a project manager for product development projects to commercialize EOS StainlessSteel GP1 and PH1, EOS NickelAlloys (IN718, IN625 and HX), Tool steels (EOS MaragingSteel MS1 and EOS StainlesSteel CX).
In my current position as Metal Materials & processses Group Manager at EOS Finland, I am responsible for leading a team of 10 R&D engineers in further developments which serve the EOS vision and strengthen its position as the industrial leader for additive manufacturing solutions.


Sovelluspäällikkö Eve Saarikoski - UPM



Timo Peltonen - Materflow

Materflow Oy, perustajaosakas, myynti, vuodesta 2013
Liiketoimintaa 3D-tulostamalla vuodesta 2014, yrityksen myynti kaksinkertaistunut vuosittain
Mekatroniikkainsinööri, valmistunut 2009
Kokemusta teollisuudesta ja myynnistä vuodesta 2003